Catching up on a lot of things

As you may have noticed, my blog hasn’t had a real update since two months or something by now. The sole reason for this was my exam session for which I wanted to concentrate and invest into as much as possible. However, today I’ve written my last exam, so I can finally get back to sort some things out here.

First of all, while I was absent, we got (way) past 100 followers! God damn. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I thanked everyone for the first 50, and actually it really wasn’t that long ago, at least compared to how long it took me to get something started here. Anyway, hello to all the new people, hello to everyone that has stayed so far, and of course a big thank you to all of you. I’m sorry for the recent lack of content, but I’m planning to get back on track in the near future.

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princess-palea-super-idol asked: Hi! I've just found your blog on Tumblr? Do you play School Idol Festival? Cause I think you might be one of my friends on there. I'm Palea. :)

Yes, I sure do. A good friend of mine made me aware of its existence some time ago, and well, I wasn’t able to put it down since then. And actually, let me check…

…yup, there you are, sporting that UR Hanayo. Awesome. :o)